Problem with NaN

Problem with NaN

  • Program Main
  • ...
  • do loop=1,n
  • call test1(...)
  • enddo
  • end Program Main
  • subroutine test1(...)
  • a=sin(2)
  • b=cos(2)
  • end subroutine test1

Here is the problem, when loop=1, both a and b got the correct value, while loop>=2, only b is correctly calculated and a=NaN. I can figure out what is the problem. Also I tried different codes, they both showed that only the frist expressioin with fortran internal function goes wrong. How to fix it..

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Please show us an actual and complete source that shows the problem. My experience is that paraphrases and snippets almost always omit key information.

Is test1 actually a subroutine or is it a function? If you are calling a function as a subroutine (or vice versa) you can end up with symptoms like this.  Generated interface checking usually detects this.

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