Beginner- how to add a windows form and add a command button

Beginner- how to add a windows form and add a command button

I am an absolute beginner with Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio 2010, how do I bring up a windows form that command buttons and number input boxes can be added to.   Once a command button is on the form, how to I attach it to a particular subroutine so that the code is run when the button is pressed? 

I can run the sample program WHIZZY, but I have no idea how to edit or add any controls on the form.  When I click on Toolbox in Visual Studio it says there are no usable controls in this group.

Thanks for your help.

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You need to read Creating Fortran Applications that use Windows API, QuickWin or dialog features

Note that the Resource Editor, which is used to create the buttons, isn't available for use with the Visual Studio 2010 Shell - if you are using the Shell you'll need an external resource editor such as the one from

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hi Steve-

Thanks for taking the time to reply.   I did not realize that Visual Studio Shell is different than Visual Studio -  one word makes a big difference.   I will look into ResEdit; it looks very useful. 

Does a windows style graphical user interface slow down the execution speed of numerically intensive software, such as triple nested for loops with lengthy math in the inner loop?   (The interface would only be some input boxes to enter numbers and a Go button to start the computation).

Thanks again for your help.

No, having a GUI does not, on its own, slow down execution. However, if you do a poor job of implementing the message loop, you could burn CPU cycles. If you follow examples you should be fine.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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