Resource file corruption

Resource file corruption

I have been pursuing in another thread attaching a modeless dialog box to a QuickWin SDI application.  I have been having reasonable success with launching the dialog via a right-click on the QuickWin application window.  As of very recent I have run into a troubling error with the resource file.  Originally the resource file contained versioning information for the file.  With the addition of the dialog, the resource editor had displayed two sub-folders, the dialog and the version.  In the past two days I have lost the ability to see my *.rc file with the resource editor.  Hence I can no longer edit the dialog.  This morning I went to some "duplicate" code and re-created the dialog.  I have access to the resource editor here.  I then did a folder file difference between the two project folders and noted no difference between the resources in both.  Yet one opens in the resource editor and the other does not.  What have I missed?

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Does the system where it doesn't open use the Visual Studio Shell and not a Professional Edition or higher of VS? What happens when you try to open the .rc in VS?

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Both projects are opened with VS 2008 Professional.  Both have identical *.rc files, at least when compared using DiffZilla.  Attached is the error.


Downloadimage/png openwithresourceeditor.png32.83 KB

Are these both on the same PC? Can you attach a ZIP of the "bad" .rc?

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not sure this will help but it might be a file association error on the machine producing the error.

this thread had something on that

i think there was another thread about this a while back also

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