What does this mean --object:%|pfF.$O %|pfF.for

What does this mean --object:%|pfF.$O %|pfF.for

I am new to fortran and make files.  I am going through a make file created by our previous programmer.

In a rule section there is this:

# Module Targets
# rule
@del %|pfF.for
@del %|pfF.$O
@del f1
@del f2
@copy auxx\$(def)+%s f1
@auxx\select <f1 >f2
@type fort.1
@del fort.1
@auxx\cnv32 <f2 >%|pfF.for
@type fort.2
@del fort.2
$(f90) -nologo -c $(FFLAGS) $(FPSTOP) $(FL) -module:d \
-Ienvrl -Imatpro -Irelap -Iscdap -Igraphics \
-Id -Ienvrl -Imatpro -Irelap -Iscdap -Igraphics \
-object:%|pfF.$O %|pfF.for
# endrule

What does the %|pfF mean?

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