F2008 warning

F2008 warning

I turned of warning for F2008 and in some routines I get the warning


Fortran 2008 specifies that an elemental intrinsic function here be of type integer or character and each argument must be an initialization expr of type integer or character .   [ABS]

So I commented out all lines with ABS in them and I stijll get the warning.  Many other routines use ABS without this warning.  What does it mean?

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I would suggest giving an example line of code that gives the message, including the declarations of the variable(s) used...

Can you show enough of the code so we can place this in context?

Jim Dempsey

It doesn't give a line number, just highlights the first line of code.....


It doesn't give a line number, just highlights the first line of code

If you are not familiar with the multiple output windows in the IDE, use a command window, where there is only one output device to which STDOUT and STDERR outputs get sent.

At a minimum, you have to be willing to present the source code for, without that, we could try to compile a million Fortran programs at random and still fail to reproduce the errors that you mentioned.

Here's the message from the compile. Attached is the file it is complaining about, in which there is no use of ABS... The include file SPACE also has no use of ABS...


Downloadapplication/octet-stream data-doc.f901.28 KB

There is a USE SPACE statement in the file, so please attach the source code for that module, too.

Yeah, I couldn't get it to upload at first, but it now has the file. Here's SPACE file..


Downloadapplication/octet-stream space.f9012.24 KB


Can't see how it's relevant

Neal, please bear with me for a few minutes. It is relevant because without it I cannot compile the main subroutine. Secondly, space.f90 has USE OSIRMODS in it, so I am going to need the source for that as well; in fact, we need all the module sources that are in the chain from subroutine DATA_DOC. You can, if you prefer, zip all the needed sources into a single archive and attach just the archive instead of all the single files.

SPACE.MOD is not a module produced with your supplied "space.f90"
Therefor, whatever is being USE'd is not your space.f90, it is some other space.mod file.

Please clarify what is being used.

Jim Dempsey

I managed to compile these two sources by declaring empty types from those that come from the OSIRIS module, but could not reproduce the error. It would be best if you could attach a ZIP of the project showing the problem and including the buildlog.htm with the warning. If you don't want to post it here, you can use "Send author a message" and do it that way, or use Intel Premier Support.

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I appreaciate all the suggestions and help, but as it stands, I think I'll just let it remain a curiosiy not worth pursuing. Obviously no one else has hit this, and perhaps it does not exist in release 13 (I have 12),  I'll probably upgrade to the next major release, and then see if it still happens.

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