Debug error on VS2008 with windows7

Debug error on VS2008 with windows7

Hello. Please understand my low english skill.

I'm trying to migrate fortran souce code to VS2008 IVF from CVF.

It is successful for the release mode. However when I try debug, VS2008 shows appcrash.

I tried many method from google. But there were no solution yet.

So I'm asking some help to solve my problem.

My souce code is CAE software and it links MKL and math libraries. There are many violation for IVF but it is ok for CVF.

So CVF calling convention is applied.

IVF version is 11.1.067 and VS2008 sp1 is used. Operating system is Windows 7 64bit.

I'm expecting your help :)

Crash message is following. please understand for unfamiliar language.

문제 이벤트 이름:                       APPCRASH

  응용 프로그램 이름:                 devenv.exe

  응용 프로그램 버전:                 9.0.30729.1

  응용 프로그램 타임스탬프:        488f2b50

  오류 모듈 이름:                       ntdll.dll

  오류 모듈 버전:                       6.1.7601.17725

  오류 모듈 타임스탬프:              4ec49b8f

  예외 코드:                               c0000005

  예외 오프셋:                            0002e3be

  OS 버전:                                6.1.7601.

  로캘 ID:                                  1042


문제에 대한 추가 정보:

  LCID:                                                   1042

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>>...My souce code is CAE software and it links MKL and math libraries. There are many violation for IVF but it is ok for CVF.

Your initial post is too generic and please provide as more as possible technical details on what Fortran functions you've detected these violations.

It is Visual Studio itself that is crashing, not the user application. Unfortunately, there is nothing useful in just the information provided. If you could attach a ZIP of a project that shows the problem, we could try to reproduce it here. However, my guess is that we would not be able to reproduce the problem, and version 11.1 is no longer a supported version of the compiler so at most all we could do is ask that you upgrade to a current version. It is possibly some interaction with the Fortran debug expression evaluator that is involved in the crash, but there is no way to know for certain unless we can reproduce it here.

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>>>>...However when I try debug, VS2008 shows appcrash...
>>...It is Visual Studio itself that is crashing, not the user application...

It is a clear indication of a significant corruption of the stack or too much data is allocated on the stack by the application ( I've experienced that a couple of times in the past when debugging a heavily recursive algorithm ).

Sergey, I don't agree with your comment. The user application runs in a separate process from Visual Studio. The error report is from the Windows error log, showing devenv.exe (Visual Studio) crashed, not the user application. I have never seen a case where an error in the user program causes VS to crash.

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I agree. It is not a user application prpblem. When I try migrate to vs2012 and fortran 2013 it works well. However my team wants to working with vs2008. So I should find the solution :)

And I think fortran 2013 with vs2008 could show some different result. I'll try and will inform result here

I also disagree with both of you because I had expirienced this when debugging in VS 2005 a Merge sorting algorithm with a big data set. I have No idea what was wrong with VS and I think the best way to follow up is some Microsoft's forum dedicated to debugging with VS. Are you agree with that?

I changed my mind.

The source code problem can cause the appcrash of VS IDE.

I tried to migrate to VS2012, and I link the wrong MKL libraries. When I build the project, compiler did not shows the error.

And when I debug the project, VS2012 shows appcrash.

However VS2012 shows shows stable perform and it find the problem nearly.

VS2012 also shows the appcrash but it was more stable, so I can find the problem.

However solution of VS2012 did not working at VS2008 so I think that there are other problems.

I'm trying VS2008 with IVF2013. I'll inform the result at tomorrow.

sorry for low command of English :)

Could you provide some details on what your application does?

In my case ( a couple of years ago ) I reduced the data set size by 4 times. As I've already told there was some strange internal problem with the debugger. After many years of using it with different VSs I was really surprized to see it.

My application is solver of CAE software. It is a huge code and it is developed since 1980's. There are many problems on CVF with recent windows, so we prepare the migration.

Because of code size, it is not easy to reduce the data set size.

And my team wants application works well and perform same with present CVF environment.

I solved problem...

It was problem of the IVF 11.1.067. I downloaded the latest IVF 2013. And with no change of the project, debug is working well.

Is there a way to upgrade IVF 11.1.067 to IVF 2013 in low price?

Our licensing is based on support date not software version number. If your license support expired less than a year ago, you can purchase a renewal at a reduced rate. See Price Reduction on Renewals for Intel Tools for more information. Since you are using 11.1, it is likely that your license support has been expired for too long to use a renewal though.

I want to test my source code at IVF 11.1.073. Is there are link to download the 30-days trial version of fortran compiler?

By looking at the fragment of the error report it seems that faulting ip is located at 0x488f2b50 address which is probably located inside ntdll module and because of ASLR the adress the location is not hardcoded more.The error code could be resolved to some non-accesible memory.

I didn't want version 2013. I need 11.1.072 version. I must test this version. Because, upgrading the fortran 2013 is very big job in my team.... there are too many computers, develop environment and users...

So I need minimum change. Please give me the 11.1.072.

Our licenses are support date based not version based. You can download any version of the compiler released before your support expiration date. See downloading older versions for more information.

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