Webinar: Learn to be an Intel Visual Fortran Power User

Webinar: Learn to be an Intel Visual Fortran Power User

Want to learn how to be a “power user” of Intel® Visual Fortran inside of Microsoft Visual Studio*? Join Intel’s “Doctor Fortran”, Steve Lionel, for a look at the lesser-known but super-useful features that can improve your Fortran development productivity in Visual Studio.

Webinar Tuesday, May 28 2013, 9AM-10AM PT


A playback will be available afterward.

Steve - Intel Developer Support
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Hi Steve,

Due to the time difference, I was not able to attend this intresting webinar.

Is there any document (pdf, powerpoint presentation with notes or audio or video material) available? 

Best regards,

A recording was made and I will update this thread when it becomes available - I don't know when that will be. There were no slides or notes - it was all "live" (and showed it at times!)

Steve - Intel Developer Support
Steve - Intel Developer Support

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