Two problems - may be Visual Studio

Two problems - may be Visual Studio

When I bring up Visual Studio, the "start page" (Developer news) says:

Content will be available when an internet connection is established.

(well, this computer is on the internet)

and, If I bring up Fortran help, and try to search (I have to go to the menu bar to search)

It gives an error "Microsoft Document Explorer has encountered a problem and has to close".

Am I missing a service pack?  Something else?

This is a pretty new installation of VS 2008, Intel Parallel Studio, and Windows 7 64 bit (Windows Ultimate)

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Try installing the latest service pack (SP1 I think) for VS2008. But you can also go into Tools > Options > Help > Online and set it to "Try local only, not online".

Retired 12/31/2016

When I launch "check for updates", it just goes to windows updates. I do not think I have SP1 for VS 2008 on there.

Found the SP.  Trying it.

Updated to SP1 VS2008.  Did not help either problem.

Further, "But you can also go into Tools > Options > Help > Online and set it to "Try local only, not online"." is not available in VS2008.

It is in my version.


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Retired 12/31/2016

Well, duh.  Maybe I didn't recheck it after I installed the SP1 update.

It's there now. 

But I still get an error (now Visual Studio has encountered a problem) if I try to search documentation.

Try uninstalling aznd reinstalling Fortran.

Retired 12/31/2016

the Visual Studio error happens if I try to search anything (C++ as well).

and start page is still telling me i need an internet connection.

At this point I'd suggest uninstalling both Fortran and VS and reinstalling.

Retired 12/31/2016

Seems like I have to uninstall parallel studio as well.

If you have that installed, yes.

Retired 12/31/2016

Didn't help.  I uninstalled them all.  Reinstalled VS 2008, making sure that I installed SP1.  Before I even try to install parallel studio, VS 2008 crashes if you try to search.  Still have the "no internet connection" as well in the start page.

I did a Google search on "VS2008 search help crash" and found this discussion, which looks useful.

Retired 12/31/2016

I still have not solved this and discovered that Update 4 installed through the "software manager" also installed the VS 2010 shell.  Why don't they have an option to download the one with the novshell.

(FYI - update on the previous subject.  Now, search in help doesn't work but it doesn't crash the VS 2008.   Just closes the help window.  I uninstalled VS2008, parallel studio -- all the little parts and reinstalled).  I do a full install of parallel studio including C++ -- not sure that is part of the cause or not. 

Okay, think I see about update 4 -- just needed to do custom install and not pick the VS 2010 shell.

Help options not in my VS 2010...........

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