How can I activate Fortran 11.1 and integrate with Visual Studio 2008

How can I activate Fortran 11.1 and integrate with Visual Studio 2008

Hi there,

I just bought the license yesterday. I have installed Fortran before and used a 30-day trial license. I want to activate it with the license purchased yesterday. What should I do?

I cannot find Fortran project in Visual Studio 2008. I did as what it says in the Getting Started note. How can I solve this problem. When I run the Fortran command window, there is one notice: "C:\ program files(x86)\Microsoft Visual Sutdio 10.0\SetEnv" is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I did install Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 Express before, but I used 2008 Professional later. So How can I deal with it?

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I think there is stuff left over from previous installs that is confusing the 11.1 installer. Try this. Uninstall Fortran and VS10 Express. Make sure that the trial of Fortran is also uninstalled. Delete any Visual Studio 10.0 folders from Program Files (X86). Now reinstall Fortran 11.1.

The command prompt issue is a bit puzzling as I would not expect 11.1 to even look for VS2010. Are you sure you used the 11.1 command prompt shortcut?

See also I can't create Fortran projects or see any Fortran support in Visual Studio , but you need to get the command prompt issue fixed first.

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When you run ifort installer, you should get a pop-up windows asking which version of Visual Studio you wish to integrate with.  No Express version is eligible; if you don't have an eligible VS you should allow ifort to install with VS Shell which it provides.

In VS 2008 install options menu, you should have installed C++ including X64 development option.  Then you will be able to install either ifort Intel64 or IA32, or both.

If your VS Express installation is interfering, could you remove it?

>>...How can I activate Fortran 11.1 and integrate with Visual Studio 2008...

Let me provide some information regarding integration(s):

Any compiler ( Fortran, C/C++, Pascal, etc ) could be integrated with any version of Visual Studio by using Makefile project. Of course, there are some limitations, for example debugging won't be available for a Pascal compiler, but at least all the Editor features will be available.

I get 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\SetEnv' is not recognized as an internal or external command .... I had provided the path to the folder containing bin, include and lib during installation as I don't have any VS IDE.

Indeed there is nothing like setenv anywhere in this path. Can someone please help me? Thanks

Why not use the included VS2008 Shell?  It may be that the Fortran install did not recognize whatever SDK you installed. You don't have to use VS - just let it install the environment AND the tools and libraries needed. Uninstall Fortran and then reinstall, being sure to select the installer that includes VS Shell.

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