Nasa NBP Benchmark on Windows

Nasa NBP Benchmark on Windows

Hi EveryOne.

I'm working on running Nasa NPB OMP Benchmark  with ifort on Windows. I'm trying several ways like using cmake and mingw to compile the benchmark suite for windows (included makefiles are intended to run on linux). I wonder if someone has already compiled this suite on windows. I'll show my results when I've got them ready. I also wonder if someone has noticed performance difference running NPB on windows and linux with the intel ifort compiler. 

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>>...I'm working on running Nasa NPB OMP Benchmark with ifort on Windows. I'm trying several ways like using cmake and mingw to
>>compile the benchmark suite for windows...

Could you clarify. Does it have Fortran and C/C++ sources ( that is two parts )?

>>...I wonder if someone has already compiled this suite on windows. I'll show my results when I've got them ready...

That would be interesting to see your results with as much as possible technical details. Thanks in advance.

If you mean to test all sizes of all NPB OMP on ifort and gfortran (Windows and linux?), that should keep you busy a while.

As you hinted, you should need less modification of the linux Makefile with gfortran than with ifort.  Even the latter shouldn't be too bad if you use gnu make.  Although it may not be well known, the command line linking system for ifort accepts .o files as well as .obj (with a warning every time).

I would try cygwin64 build tools, but many people think that's cheating.

I haven't heard of a version of these benchmarks released with OpenMP collapse.  Intel Fortran releases since February should handle it correctly.

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