Can not evaluate the expression in visual studio

Can not evaluate the expression in visual studio

My system is win8. I installed visual studio2012 and intel visual fortran 2013 (basically, i only installed the "fortran" part). The integration of visual fortran to visual studio works fine, I could build, compile and debug the solution.

But there is one problem. I want to watch some variables while debugging, but the Local variable Window displays nothing (actually, I have some local variables in that part). And If  I add some variables to the Watch Window, it displays "Can not evaluate the expression".

I read some related topics in this forum, TommyCee told me to write as "module_name::variable_name" in the Watch Window. But that didn't work, still "can not evaluate the expression".

I wonder: 1. Is this a problem with visual fortran or with visual studio?

              2. If there is some special setting I forgot?

  I'm doing some numerical work, and I really need to know how the variablse change during the process. Can anyone tell me how to check where the problem is and fix. 

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Do you have the latest update (Update 4) to Intel Visual Fortran? We had a problem exactly like this in the initial release.

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        I don't have the update 4 version...I'll update to the newest one. Thank you~

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