Resource (Dialog) Editor Issues

Resource (Dialog) Editor Issues

1] I have been using ResEdit  for a while but I just tried adding ‘Spin’ controls for a text box and it doesn’t create the .res file properly (VS give a compile error)  and resedit can’t read its own .res file without an error. I am guessing it does not support this feature properly, no complaints it is Freeware after all. Is anybody using ResEdit resource editor with Spin controls just in case there is a ‘trick’?

2] I am using VS2010 Shell (no resource editor – thank you Microsoft!), I have a valid VS2005 (with C++) disk. Can I install this parallel with VS2010 shell or will this be a world of pain and conflicts?

3] The 2] option seems overkill, is there anyway of extracting the resource editor components from the VS2005 disks?

4] Has Intel considered providing its own resource editor? IFort is the most professional Fortran around and it is rather a missing component? 

5] Is anybody using or can recommend any other third party resource editors?

 Thanks, Andrew


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You can install VS2005 alongside VS2010 without issues. I am currently running four different versions of VS on my office system.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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