Visual Studio Power Users Webinar

Visual Studio Power Users Webinar

I recently replayed Steve L's webinar and my interest was drawn to the object brower capability. I have never had success with this. Are there any special compiler/linker settings required to generate some database for this feature to work? Unfortunately the demonstration did not explain how this was generated and because I was not watching live I couldn't submit a question to Steve at the time.

My solution (containing 32 Fortran sub-projects and 3 C sub-projects) that I am trying this on was originally written in the Compaq CVF which was converted when I upgraded to Intel. I am now using latest Intel Fortran with VS 2010.

The only objects that appear in the brower are the C sub-projects. I've looked though the settings but have not found anything that looks to be what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated.

The webinar concept is pretty good and I would like to see one which demonstrates how to go about parallelizing existing code as this is something that should benefit everyone who wants to take advantage of this new technology in order to produce faster more efficient code. At the moments I am a bit nervous about trying this as I don't fully understand the "rules". If there are any previous webinars on this subject that I've missed could a link be set up to enable a playback?

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Did you set the various options under Tools > Options > Text Editor > Fortran > Advanced?  Set all but "Disable Database" to True.

See for other webinars, past and future.

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Thanks Steve,

I now get the function and subroutine references in the Object browser. 

Thanks again.

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