Lock_type Compiler crash

Lock_type Compiler crash

Got a 'please report this error' message from Fortran Composer XE 2013, then I installed upgrade 4 and still get message, code is as follows

program test_lock_type
! Code does not compile as shown
use, intrinsic :: iso_fortran_env, only: lock_type
implicit none

!code will compile if the next statement is commented out
type(lock_type), codimension[*] :: my_lock
integer :: n_its=0

call get_user('Enter number of iterations: ', n_its)

!or code will compile if the next statement is commented out
write(*,'(A,I0,A,I0)') 'Image number ', this_image(),' has n_its = ', n_its

subroutine get_user(text, i)
integer, intent(out) :: i
character (*), intent(in) :: text
i =1
end subroutine get_user
end program test_lock_type

Running under Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core i7 Sandy bridge (Alienware)

Compiler produces:

Compilation Aborted (code 1)

But if I try to run after a failed compile i get a little more...

Catastrophic error: ** Internal compiler error: **Internal abort Please report this error...

I have the coarray compilation switch set, and other coarray programs compile and run fine


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Thanks - I can reproduce the problem for what would be a Debug configuration in Visual Studio. If you set Debugging to "Minimal" it will compile. I don't see the error in the beta of our next version, to be released later this year.

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