Why no error messages?

Why no error messages?

When debugging a program, normally when it triggers a breakpoint due to an I/O error, I get an error message. But now those do NOT appear. This is a recent change from last year. I haven't done the Fortran lately.

When I turn the same program withdebugging turned off, then the messages DO appear. So, does this mean I have to turn off the debugger to find out why the program crashed?

Do the error messages appear on a separate screen from the OUTPUT screen? If so, how do I view them?

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When you run a console application with debugging, the program output is in a separate window that may be "behind" the main VS window. Look for it in your taskbar tray.  When you run without debugging, the output window is in front. This hasn't changed.

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I think it WAS hidden , that's what threw me off.


Thanks ! ! !

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