confuson about getting HEX DUMPS

confuson about getting HEX DUMPS

I have a program that writes MIDI files,

that I am trying to debug. It would normally be played with the Miscrosoft Media Player, or something else like I-tunes.

Sometimes I just want to look at a HEX DUMP of the file to see if there's a problem, and other times I want to

look at a program that's supposed to PLAY it.

The problem is when I am in VS, it always wants to associate the file with the app that plays it, and I can't get

it to just look at the HEX DUMP. Opening the file with


give me the hex dump. I don't know how to turn off the association between the file and the app.

So, is there any way to FORCE VS to just open it as a file to be dumped?

Or do I have to write a HEX DUMP app and NOT use Visual Studio for that?

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Your question is related to some Multimedia Processing and I advise you to look at Microsoft forums ( some of them are dedicated to Multimedia Processing ).

In VS2010/2012, select FIle > Open > File.  In the dialog that comes up, once you select the file, click on the triangle next to Open and select Open With. Then select Binary Editor.

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Thanks Steve -

Is a hex dump the only thing I can get that way?

sometime I want to view the contents as integers or ASCII characters.

This mode also shows you characters. I don't know of a way to get other formats.

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