visual Fortran for win 8

visual Fortran for win 8

Dear Friends I am in need of running visual Fortran version 5 in windows 8  but I encounter an error which says this app can not work on your computer. How can I install this version on windows 8.thank you.

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You're trying to use Digital Visual Fortran 5? You can get it to install by running the setup.exe in the X86 subfolder of the CD, but the Visual Studio environment won't work. I recommend purchasing Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 - this fully supports Windows 8.

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Of cource newest IVF is best choice, but if you have special reasons for CVF, then;

If you have a proper licence for Windows XP, then the followings enabe you to use CVF on Windows 8.

1)Get Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Player (both free download).

2)Install an above virtual machine software on Windows8.

3)Install Windows XP for the virtual machine.

4)Install CVF and Array visualyzer.

Performance of CVF on Windows8 is much better than that on Windows 7 XPmode, not dull, no stress.

See the  attached screenshot, sorry for Japanese version.

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