Intel fortran complier 11.1

Intel fortran complier 11.1


We have bought a intel visual fortran composer XE 2013 for windows before (not from the Intel but other software resources), which inludes the latest intel fortran compiler and performance libraries for IA-32 and Intel 64 architecture systems. this product release includes: intel visual fortran compiler XE version 13.0.0, intel math kernel libarary (Intel MKL) version 11.0

However, I just realized that in order to link to ANSYS, we need Fortran complier 11.1. I found an old topic saying that with the new licesen we can download the 11.1 version from the Intel welsite. My question is what about my case, if I bought the new version from other software resources, can I still can download the old version 11.1 from intel with the current version's license?





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It's no problem, registration is the same regardless of whether you bought from a reseller, and the same instructions apply

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