IPO - (its pretty obnoxious)

IPO - (its pretty obnoxious)

I had the occasion to compile an old solution (13 projects, ~750 files) using w_fcompxe_2011.10.325

This hadn't been compiled before with this version.

In the earlier versions I had issues with Interprocedural Optimizations, and have my projects explicily say "No" to Fortran | Optimization | Interprocedural Optimization.

Two of the projects were now getting a nasty IL error about not compiled with the same version. This had me going in a loop, since the file it was complaining about was just compiled. After a while, I discovered that this was related to Inter-procedural optimizations, Which I explicitly set to No in the property sheet. On a whim, I added /Qipo- to the additional options. This fixed the problem.

I know, Parallel Studio 2011 XE is old, and I do not expect any fix other than the recommendation to update to Parallel Studio 2013 when it is released, but please verify that when the user says No to IPO, that it means no to IPO.

Jim Dempsey

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>>...This had me going in a loop, since the file it was complaining about was just compiled...

Since compiler options could be set for a project and for a specific file it makes sense to verify that IPO is Not set for that file in its properties.

Note: I didn't have any issues with IPO but in the past it took me some time to find some inconsistency between project settings ( properties ) and a source file settings ( properties ) and it was related to a fast calling convention.


Good point. I did not specifically check the file property. There may have been an issue there, don't know. Don't recall setting individual file properties to the contrary.

Thanks for the input, will check file properties next time.



If the fortran file build propteries are not project deafult the icon in VS for the file has a small red tick on it as a visual clue.....

I am aware of the red tick mark on the file. I do use file properties for debugging. e.g. make a build as a derivative of Debug, set full optimizations as project settings (with debug symbols) then set no optimizations for the file under scrutiny. Some situations take several minutes to reach with full optimizations enabled for files not under scrutiny, it would take hours to reach with full debug checks enabled.

I should have investigated the file properties before posting on this forum. I have to say though, the prior release of Parallel Studio XE had IPO, which I explicitly disabled in the projects. The solution built without this problem. For some unexplained reason the newer version Parallel Studio would IPO the same project files. Don't know why - don't care now, now that I know of a fix.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Jim Dempsey

I had this same problem, and eventually realized it was a side-effect of my installing and uninstalling and reinstalling various versions of the compiler (including the Intel C++ compiler). You get this when one of the common tools, such as xilink, is not from the same version you compiled with. I fixed it by uninstalling everything, deleting the Composer XE folder, then reinstalling.

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