Steve Lionel reaches the huge half million points milestone – thank you, Dr. Fortran!

Steve Lionel reaches the huge half million points milestone – thank you, Dr. Fortran!

500,000 points... that is a TON of points. IDZ community mastermind Steve Lionel, commonly known as Dr. FORTRAN, has reached that mark!

What does a half of a million Black Belt points look like? It’s about 20 thousand answers on forum questions plus hundreds of blog posts and articles on top of that. I’ve just checked some historical data and it turns out that Steve has published one of his first posts in this particular forum almost 13 years ago. That’s impressive, is it not? As for the blog, you can find his first, self-introduction post on IDZ (actually ISN those days) here: The Doctor is IN! and it was submitted about seven years ago!

We all know Steve mostly by his short but meaningful & helpful posts. In case you wonder how does Steve look & sound, here is a video for you: A Check Up with Dr. Fortran.

There are many ways to stay in touch nowadays. I think the best way to stay in touch with Steve is to be a proud member of his FORTRAN community. But it’s not the only way:

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you, Steve, for your remarkable contribution to the IDZ! Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

--Dmitry O. Intel® Black Belt Software Developer Program Manager

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The doctor is in the house indeed!   Congratulations Steve on your mind-boggling achievement.  I am proud to work with folks as committed to their colleagues and customers as you.

The Intel Developer Zone community has some amazing contributors.  Steve is clearly among them.  Congrats Steve on this wonderful milestone.

wow - that´s amazing Steve and thank you so much for your continuous contribution and enriching the Intel community!  

Congratulations Steve for being the first Black Belt to reach this amazing number of points: 500,000! A lot of contribution and knowledge sharing behind that number! Congrats again!

Congratulations~ Steve.  it's really a big effort on IDZ content contribution~ Bravo~

Thanks a lot, Steve, for your continuing efforts to help the Fortran enthusiasts in this forum. Your knowlege and your contributions are always appreciated by everyone in the community. Keep on going, we esteem you and your advice very much.

Wow.  Congrats Doctor Fortran!  You are my hero.

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Congrats to you Steve indeed, your expertise is not only very deeply appreciated, but the manner in which you engage the forum participants is exemplary as well.
The short video was fun. Yes, more coarrays please :)

Surely Steve merits at least a cigar?

"I might call him / A thing divine, for nothing natural / I ever saw so noble."

Congratulations sir


Thank you all. I must admit that when I saw Dmitry's post come so soon after I crossed over the magic count (that I was unaware of), I thought of this - so Anthony, here's that cigar.

Retired 12/31/2016

Way to go Steve!

Let's hope the odometer doesn't rollover after 999999.

Jim Dempsey


Abhishek Nandy

..and the secret word tonite is ..???

Steve, I was pressing F5 to refresh the page since 8am yesterday :)

Could someone explain me the cigar joke?

Dmitry - see here.

The secret word is "polymorphism".

Retired 12/31/2016

Hi Steve,

Congratulations and I wish you all the best!

Best regards,


Your help, advise and of course your deep understanding of Fortran is such a valueable resource for anybody who is looking here often or infrequently.

Keep up the good work!


By the time he reads this reply, Dr. Fortran may well have turned nineteen (219 = 524288; by a natural coincidence, this is Reply 19 in this thread), and in recognition of that I propose that we should from now on call him by a different title: Sir Fortran? Rev. Fortran? 

Congratulations, Steve, and I look forward to reading the next half-million posts from you!

Thank you, Steve, for all your help and advice - simply invaluable!



Congratulations Steve


Congrats and thanks Steve for all your help in advice through my various posts!

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