QuickWin Chiled Window content resizing

QuickWin Chiled Window content resizing

I'm new to Intel FORTRAN long as well as Quick-Win and I'm getting stuck trying to rescale a graph I made using Scigraph. I've tried different things and all my changes keep either not showing the graph or messing the child window completely.

What I'm trying to do in this program is to graph in a child window and be able to make the graph smaller or larger as the child window changes dimensions. The dimensions of the child window are changed with the mouse cursor, by clicking and dragging a corner. An example of what I'm trying to do is when you have a picture on your computer and you open it for example using Windows Photo Viewer and you reshape the window, the image resizes accordingly. I would like my program to be able to do the same thing. I've been trying to understand how to be able to do it reading the documentation that I can find but have had no luck. 

Here is my full program. I apoligize for the lengh it's taking up, I dind't know what would be relevent to get the help I need.

    USE IFQWIN !required to use setexitqq(QWIN$EXITPERSIST)
    integer i,n
    real,ALLOCATABLE:: c(:),p(:,:),sumP(:)
    open(19,file="data.dat")      !data file from SASi, named "test.dat" in SASi
!    open(20,file="arrays.dat")    !not needed, used for testing arrays
!    open(21,file="graph_points.dat") !testing if correct values of summations are in array sumP
    read(19,*) n              !reads in number of rows in file
    allocate (c(n),p(n,18),sumP(n)) !18 values, 20 accual columbs
    do i=1,n                                
        read(19,*) c(i) ,(p(i,j),j=1,18)      
!        write(20,*) c(i), (p(i,j),j=1,18)               
    end do
    do i=1,n
        sumP(i) = 0
        do j=1,18
            sumP(i) = p(i,j) + sumP(i)
        end do
           ! write(21,*) i,sumP(i)        
    end do
        open(10,file='user',title='Line Graph 1')
        call PlotLineGraph(c,sumP,n)
        !open(11,file='user',title='Line Graph 2')
        !call PlotLineGraph(c,sumP,n)
      i = setexitqq(QWIN$EXITPERSIST) !required to exit the plots
    close(19) !close file data.dat
!    close(20) !close file arrays.dat
!    close(21)  !close file graph_points.dat
    END PROGRAM SGPlotting
SUBROUTINE PlotLineGraph(x,y,numPoints)
    USE SCIGRAPH !required to use /GraphSettings/ and so on
    integer numPoints
    real, dimension(2*numPoints+1) :: array
    real, dimension(numPoints) :: x,y    
!    real, parameter :: H1(10)= (/1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6/) !testing array, groupings of (x,y) cordinates
    RECORD /GraphSettings/ graph
    RECORD /DataSettings/ dSettings
    RECORD /AxisSettings/ axis(2)
    INTEGER   retcode,status,ex
    RECORD /windowconfig/ wc
    LOGICAL statusmode
    TYPE (QWINFO) winfo    
!    numPoints2  = 5 !testing number of points, use with H1(10) array, indicates the number of (x,y) groups
    if( .not. GetWindowConfig(wc) ) stop 'Window Not Open'
!   sets the acual size of the child window
    winfo.H = 200
    gwinH = winfo.H
    winfo.W =300
    gwinW = winfo.W
    winfo.TYPE = QWIN$SET
    status = SETWSIZEQQ(10, winfo)
    ! Get current size of child window associated with unit 4.
    status = GETWSIZEQQ(10, QWIN$SIZECURR, winfo)
    WRITE (*,*) "Child window size is ", winfo.H, " by ", winfo.W
    ! Get maximum size of frame window.
    WRITE (*,*) "Max frame window size is ", winfo.H, " by ", winfo.W
    ex = 1
!   sets the size of the actual graph 
    wc%numxpixels  = gwinW *2
    wc%numypixels  = gwinH* 2
    wc%numtextcols = -1
    wc%numtextrows = -1
    wc%numcolors   = -1
    wc%mode = QWIN$SCROLLDOWN
    statusmode = SETWINDOWCONFIG(wc)
    IF (.NOT. statusmode) statusmode = SETWINDOWCONFIG(wc)
    ct = 1
    do ix=1,numPoints   
        array(ct) = x(ix)
!        print *, x(ix),y(ix), ct, array(ct)
        do jy=1,2
            array(ct+1) = y(ix)
            ct = ct + 1
!        print *, ct, array(ct), x(ct), y(ct)
!        pause(11)            
        end do    
    end do
!    do ix=1, numPoints !shows that im passing the correct values
!        print *, x(ix),y(ix)
!        pause(11)
!    end do
!11    continue
    graph.title='Intensity Vs. Bin #'   !Main Title of Graph
!    retcode=GetDataDefaults(graph,numPoints2,H1,dSettings) !testing H1(10)
    dSettings.markerType = $MKNONE
    dSettings.lineType = $LTSOLID
    dSettings.lineColor = $CIYELLOW
    axis(1).title='Bin #'
    !axis(1).gridLineType = $LTNONE
    !axis(2).gridLineType = $LTNONE
!    retcode=PlotData(graph,H1,dSettings,axis(1),axis(2)) !testing H1(10)
    !do while (ex == 1)
    !status = GETWSIZEQQ(10, QWIN$SIZECURR, winfo)
    !statusmode = SETWINDOWCONFIG(wc)
    !wc%numxpixels  = winfo.W *12
    !wc%numypixels  = winfo.H *14 
    !status = SETWSIZEQQ(10, winfo)
    !!! Get current size of child window associated with unit 4.
    !!status = GETWSIZEQQ(10, QWIN$SIZECURR, winfo)
    !!WRITE (*,*) "Child window size is ", winfo.H, " by ", winfo.W
    !go to 11
    !    do while (ex == 0)
    !    continue
    !    end do
    !end do 

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Your PlotLineGraph appears to size the graph based on the windows size. When you resize the window this routine is not called again so the graph sizing will not change. In a windows app you would have an automatic resize and repaint in the windows message  loop. You do not have access to the message loop in quickwin to add code to it. An easy fix would be to put a resize option on a menu item and re-create the graph based on the current size.

You could detect a size change in the inifinate loop in your main program and do it there but if you are not careful you can make the quickwin message loop unresponsive. 

You can get at a window's message loop by subclassing it when it is created (search for forum posts mentioning 'subclassing', which uses the SetWindowLong API function)) and adding a new window procedure of your own whose function is to intercept the WM_RESIZE messages. At each intercept, it should make a call to PlotLineGraph in order to redraw the graph in the newly-resized window, returning zero as the function value. It should pass all other windows messages to the default window procedure and then exit.

Thanks a lot for your input and time. I wasn't able to figure out how to do a subclassing but I was able to use a series of 'GO TO's to get it to resize and enabling the size to fit with it. Now I'm running into the problem of closing the child window without getting a runtime error.

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