strange warning with WRITE statement

strange warning with WRITE statement

I'm working on a console window application. The following statement writes three 4x4 matrices, one row at a time. DO JJ=1,4 WRITE(IOUT,'(3(4(G12.5,1X),4X))') & BEAR1%BR(I)%B(ISPD)%K(JJ,1:4), & BEAR1%BR(I)%B(ISPD)%C(JJ,1:4), & BEAR1%BR(I)%B(ISPD)%M(JJ,1:4) END DO This generates warnings in the console window as follows: forrtl: warning (402): fort: (1): In call to I/O Write routine, an array temporary was created for argument #1 The statement works as intended, but what is the warning for? What is argument #1? Pointers are used in the chain of derived types. Could that have something to with it? Brian in Austin, Texas

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You can ignore the warning(s). If you are curious, see .

Thanks.  That explains it.  I think what happened was I had just turned on ALL for run-time error checking.  The WRITE'ing of matrix rows with implied loops evidently leads to the creation of temporary arrays, and thus the warning.

Did the request for


ever get done?  That was 4 years ago.

Nothing has been changed in this area.

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