need help with online help

need help with online help

where in the online documentation does it explain how to call routines in other DLL's built with IVF?

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Excellent!  It looks like pages 18-24 of that document are what I need.
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I'm still lost in the fog. My console app calls a subroutine that contains an INTERFACE block that contains the DLLIMPORT stuff for calling another sub in the DLL. The sub has been DLLEXPORTED from the DLL code, and the console app does compile and link and pull everything together, so I think. When the console app executes (in the VS debugger) the statement that calls the sub in the DLL, the console window displays an error message about an array index being out of bounds, but it names a variable that is not in the DLL's sub anywhere. So I can't figure out where the code is when it steps out of bounds.

I have tried to launch the debug session from the DLL's project, and set a breakpoint on its first line, but the same r/t error happens before reaching the breakpoint in the DLL.

Like I said. I'm lost. I don't know if this is a fortran problem, or a visual studio problem.

Does the actual argument list in the call contain expressions with subscripted variables? Does the list contain items that are intended to specify bounds on other arguments?

With the scanty information that you provide, not much can be said about what is wrong with your program. In fact, it is possible to write any number of error-free programs that satisfy every aspect of your description. Therefore, and as is often the case, the devil is in the details and if you don't show us the code, either in its entirety or at least the important portions of it, I doubt that we can help you.

I apologize for the lousy posting on my part. I'm getting frustrated by my lack of knowledge in working with visual studio and with code spread across hundreds of source files and multiple VS projects, many of which are separately compiled fortran DLL's. I know just enough to be dangerous, and that's my main problem.

TGIF! Maybe my head will clear a little over the weekend.


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