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Application Error


We are intermitently getting an Application Error with our fortran console application.  The error is a popup window that says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018). Click OK to close the application."  So it appears like it is not even getting in to the code at all.

This is happening often (maybe always now) when we give the application to other users, but does not happen immediately on the machine on which the code was compiled.  But then, sometime later, this same error may occur on the computer that was used for the build.  Sometimes restarting the computer will temporarily eliminate the problem.  This just started in the last couple of months, and we have even recompiled older versions that never had this problem, and now they do.

We recently noticed that the problem occurs when the stack reserve is set to 2GB, but the stack commit is not set.  If both are not set, or they are set to the same, it seems like it might be ok.  Do you know what might be going on here?

We are using Intel Composer XE 2011 Update 4 package 196 and Visual Studio 2010 Professional.

Thanks very much.

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Don't set stack reserve higher than 1GB, otherwise you could get errors exactly like this. If you find you are running out of stack, build with /heap-arrays (Optimization > Heap Arrays > 0) instead.

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Here is a description of the error:

// MessageText:
// {Conflicting Address Range}
// The specified address range conflicts with the address space.

but I think it is not helpful. Did you change Linker settings related to an address in memory where application needs to be loaded?

Could be this error message related to NtLoader?

Btw enabling loader snaps could pfobably give more clue about the error

>>...Could be this error message related to NtLoader?

I don't think so.

It is somehow related to creating process stage.My bet is that preferred saddress or address fixup stage gone wrong

>>...It is somehow related to creating process stage. My bet is that preferred saddress or address fixup stage gone wrong...

Let's assume that:

- The '...error message related to NtLoader...'
- It is related to '...creating process stage...'
- At some point '...address fixup stage gone wrong...'

So, what's next? How all your suggestions are going to help to resolve the problem? Honestly, I don't know.

See my earlier post on the stack reserve setting.

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