a tool returned an error code from performing plost-build event

a tool returned an error code from performing plost-build event

I'm sill working on messed up calls to DLL's in my console application.

11 error PRJ0019 A tool returned an error code from performing post-build event

I get the above when building or rebuilding a fortran DLL project imported from VS2008 into VS2012. What does this mean? I let VS2012 do an automatic conversion when I opened the vfproj file in VS2012.


Brian in Austin, Texas

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You'd have to look at the buildlog.htm file to see just where in the build phase this happened. Most often this error is a result of the Microsoft Manifest Tool (mt.exe) failing for some reason (though it often doesn't tell you why.)

However, the "post build event" suggests to me that you have post-build events defined in your project and something went wrong. Again, the build log will help you identify this. (And by build log, I do NOT mean the output from the build pane in Visual Studio!)

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Thanks for the reply, Steve.
I took a look there, and I'm finding that somewhere there is an instruction to copy the compiled DLL to another directory, and this leads to an Access Denied error. I've sifted through the project settings and I can't find where this instruction is coming from. Where would something like this be?

Project > Properties > Build Events > Post-Build Event

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Darn! Sure enough, there is it. I thought I looked there but must not have drilled down deep enough. It now builds with no errors :)



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