Stack compiler/linker options

Stack compiler/linker options

Another person looking at our code experienced a stack overflow with one of the input files.  And then put on Stack options for compile (/F) and Link (STACK:)

I cannot find these in the current compiler (Fortran 2013/ X13) documentation.  Are they still viable?

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Yes, and they're still documented. /STACK is a linker option, so if you want to use it from the command line, precede it with /LINK and put it at the end of the line, for example:

ifort foo.f90 /link /stack:100000000

/F is documented and is a compiler option (though it turns into a linker option) - it has to be used on the ifort command that links the program.

May I suggest you try /heap-arrays first?

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I did try heap arrays on the module that was indicated as causing the problem but it didn't seem to help.  Nor could I exactly duplicate the problem.  Would deep recursion also cause a stack overflow?

I couldn't locate /F in the recent compiler options documentation.


Yes, recursion consumes stack.

I just opened the documentation from Visual Studio and typed /F into the index tab.

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got it -- it's under the "Linker or Linker Options" topic, by the way.


>>Would deep recursion also cause a stack overflow?

Is a significant portion of locally declared data having the characteristic of NOT being required to be preserved through a recursion?

If so, then these could be SAVE, or thread local SAVE, or other means such that there is but one copy.

Jim Dempsey

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