Runqq and 64bit program

Runqq and 64bit program

Dear Users,

In my software package I have two executables Program1 and Program2. Program1 calls Program2 using runqq. Program 2 finishes and control is given back to Program1, which continues the execution.

Both Program1 and Program2 are 32bit applications. However, I would like to port the software into 64bit. I plan to port Program2 first. I have read Andrew Binstock's "Programming with Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology", cover to cover so I am aware of the potential pitfalls but I am unclear on a few issues:

  1. If Program1 is 32bit and Program2 is 64bit, then will Program2 be able to address more memory than 2GB or will it be constrained to the memory limitations of the Program1?
  2. If the latter is true, is there anotherway of overcoming this issue, or do I have to port Program1 to 64 bit as well?

Thank you for your time on this.

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RUNQQ runs the programs independently - it doesn't matter what the mix of 32-bit and 64-bit is.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thank you Steve.

It's just what I hoped for.

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