Next Question: VS2010 Not Found. And I have Read the FAQ...

Next Question: VS2010 Not Found. And I have Read the FAQ...

O Learned Denizens,

Now that my license appears functional, I have another question.

I'm suffering from the "not found in the system" issue when I ask for 64 bit compilation. It starts and runs fine for 32bit.

I've looked at and it nearly helps but not quite.

If I edit compilervars_arch.bat in line with what is set up then it fails with a syntax error, but if I add quotes thus:

set WindowsSDKDir="%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\"

then I lose the syntax error. Nevertheless I still fail to get it to work as advertised (even allowing for the fact that I swap "IPCC_COMPILER12" for "IFORT_COMPILER12" and such like further down). Just running compilervars_arch still fails.

If I knife and fork things directly as I did for version 10.1 then I nearly get it working but although the compilation works, the linking fails with a single unresolved external  - for_strcpy. As far as I can tell that comes out of libifcore.lib, which is on the path included in my "LIB" command but not found. Any hints for why for_strcpy is absent without official leave?

Thanks in advance,




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Something is very wrong with the way your product is installed.  You should not have to edit any bat files. My guess is that in an attempt to solve the 64-bit problem, you told it to link against 32-bit libraries.

Please look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\bin - do you see both an ia32 and intel64 folder there? What is the filename of the compiler installer you downloaded?

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comments. I'm working in XE2011 and not XE2013, as required by the software vendor (MSC Software). ia32 and intel64 are in there. The software vendors are quite weak at poking into the corners and have only just moved forward from Intel 10.1, so I am to some extent fumbling in the dark. Their support for 64bit Windows 7 is "somewhat undocumented" despite it being their recommended platform.

The advice to edit compilervars_arch.bat came straight off the Intel web site.

The compiler executable I downloaded was w_fcompxe_nocsshell_2011.13.371.exe - feel free to point me at a more appropriate version. I have Visual Studio 2010 installed.

Feel free also to dispel my utter confusion as to the relationship between Visual Studio, Composer XE and the vendor's software (MSC ADAMS) at any point. The maths I'm trying to do isn't that difficult and many (many) years ago this was all very painless on various flavors of Unix in which I used to live; as far as I can tell I'm just connecting to some run-time variables to some other run-time variables via some relationships I want control of - I am genuinely baffled as to where Visual Studio fits at all...!



If you downloaded and installed the "noshell" version, you got the one that did not include VS2010 Shell. I recommend that you uninstall that and download w_fcompxe_2011.13.371.exe that includes VS2010 Shell and will set up everything correctly. I think the article you refer to is intended for people who want to use the Windows SDK only, or maybe those who also have Visual C++ Express.

I can't comment on MSC ADAMS.

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OK, so going one step at a time.

1) I have been assured that 2013 will in fact work, so I am going with that.

2) I have uninstalled the novsshell 2013 copy I had also installed.

3) When I invoke the installer from w_fcompxe_intel64_2013.5.198 I get the following message:

Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 installation can continue, but take note

The Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 requires that a Microsoft* development product be installed. Refer to the Release Notes for a list of the required Microsoft* development tools.

Installation can continue; however, you will have to configure Compiler scripts for command line build environment by hand if you want to use them. Refer to documentation for instructions how to do it.

The following components can not be installed:

- Integration(s) in Microsoft Visual Studio*

Installation can continue; however, these components will not be installed because they require that a supported Microsoft* development tools be installed. Refer to the Release Notes for a list of the required Microsoft* development tools.

I haven't pressed the go button yet since I'm a bit baffled. The primary issue I seem to be having is needing to prepare these command line build environments and the fact that I need somehow to add in a library entry.

Looking at the release notes I believe I have everything except .NET framework 4, I will download that shortly and try the installation again.

Any other advice gratefully received.


You did not do what I asked - the "intel64" (and "ia32") downloads do not include the shell. Only one of the downloads includes the shell, and the description says so. You need the EXE that does not include "novsshell", "intel64" or "ia32" in its name.  If you don't see one in Intel Premier Support, look at your list of products and if there are versions listed as with and without VS Shell, pick the one with VS Shell.

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Ah, I had to go up a level in the download page whereupon I was given a choice. I'm downloading w_fcompxe_2013.5.198.exe now and will install it. I am optimistic now...

I think the root of my befuddlement is having VS2010 Express installed, I was failing to grasp the need for me to install the one which included the Visual Studio shell - I was thinking I "already had it" but this is clearly an error.


Correct - please uninstall VS2010 Express before installing Intel Visual Fortran.

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Do I also need to uninstall the Windows 7 SDK too, or can that stay?

Hmmm. Close but no cigar. Uninstalled Composer XE2011, Composer XE2013, Visual Studio 2010 C++ Express (and everything else I could find with "Visual Studio" and "2010" in it.

The shortcut to the Intel 64 VS 2010 command prompt now duly appears but it produces the error message "The specified configuration type is missing. The tools for the configuration might not be installed".

IA32 works just fine, as it did previously.

Any suggestions on what I'm missing now?

Sorry to be such a pain, I don't normally have this much difficulty installing software.



I have seen some people report that installing the Windows 7 SDK causes problems with the compiler's environment. Leave it for now.

Is this shortcut under Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013? Could I set up an interactive session where I can see what's on your PC and talk to you on the phone?  Send me mail at steve.lionel at intel dot com.

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Success, I think. Maybe.

I uninstalled everything I could see that could have a bearing on the situation:

- Visual Studio 2010 Express C++ installation
- SDK 7.1
- C++ redistributable libraries
- All three versions of the Fortran compiler

Then I started with a clean install of Composer XE2013. The command prompts now behave as advertised, and the compilation no longer has its missing for_strcpy message.

I now have an issue at run-time - I think it's not a compiler issue, although the exact same source code is running fine with a previous version of the code compiled with 10.1. I will revert to the software supplier and draw a line under this.

Steve, thanks so much for your patience guiding me through this, it's deeply appreciated.


Glad to hear it. Let us know if we can help with the run-time issue.

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