Use 2 versions of Intel Composer

Use 2 versions of Intel Composer

I would like to maintain release versions of my software with Intel Composer 2011 and develop new versions with Intel Composer 2013.

Ideally I would like to have 2 copies of visual studio running, one with production code and Composer 2011 and the other with development code and composer 2013. In each studio I would like to be able to build debug and release, win32 and x64.

I can change the version of composer using the Tools->Options->Intel Composer but this changes the composer version in both running studios.


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You can't do this in a single version of Visual Studio. You can use a different version as explained in How can I use older versions of the compiler with different versions of Microsoft Visual Studio*?

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A different mode of operating so as to satisfy your requirements would be to use an IFort 2011 command window (with makefiles, if appropriate) for updating your released software, keeping the IDE for use with IFort 2013 with your development projects. This would work quite well if the updates to your released software consists of small bug-fixes, but it would not be suitable for back-to-the-drawing-board changes.

Thanks for a definitive answer!

Could this be added to a list of requested new features? We upgrade composer changes more often than Studio so different verrsions of Stuio is not a good solution for us.

Sure - I'll enter a request on your behalf.

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