Using the floating license

Using the floating license


I bought a license for 5 users. As I understood, we can use the licence for 5 different computers.

Normally, when I want to use the license for another computer, I changed the information as guided in the section 3.3 Changing Server/Host Data for Your Product License. The Intel compiler worked well. Currently I have just extracted the second license for the second computer. 

However, I wonder that now if I have 5 computers used already but 2 months later one among these computers will be damaged or replaced, could I use the license of the damaged computer again by changing the computer name?


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That's not how the floating license works. The license is installed on a system on your local network that you designate as a license server. It doesn't have to be one where you're going to use the compiler, and usually isn't. You can then install the compiler on as many systems on your network as you want. A maximum of five users at the same time can use the compiler (and it is just compiles that are checked, not other development tasks.) If for some reason this license server system needs to be changed or replaced, you can reassign the license using the Intel Registration Center.

Typically you would buy a floating license when you have a group of developers who all want access to the product, but typically not more than five (in your case) at a time. You don't have to change anything regarding the license server just to accomodate multiple users.

The other type of license we sell is "single-user". This lets one specific person use the product on as many computers as they want, as long as they're the only ones using it under that license. For this license type, no license server is needed.

Does this help?

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Thanks for your helpful answer.

It means that I can install and use Intel compiler on many PCs with the current 5-user licence, right?


Yes. And if you have others in your organization they can also install and use the compiler on your local network with the same license. You do need to install the license manager on one system on your network. We have license managers for many popular platforms.

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