The unreachable statements: why the errors appear?

The unreachable statements: why the errors appear?

I see the errors, but in fact I have the following output:

EP(1)-1    2.83115703117778  <- EP(1)

	 EP(NI)-1   0.000000000000000E+000 <- EP(2)

	 EP(NI)-2   2.83115685915829 <- EP(NI)

	 EP(NI)-2   2.83115685928421 <- EP(NI)

	 EP(NI)-2   2.83115685928411 <- EP(NI)

	 EP(NI)-2   2.83115685928411 <- EP(NI)

Why do I get the errors that lines with comments are the unreachable statements? What’s wrong?

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You've enabled the Static Verifier (also called Source Checker) option, and it evidently doesn't understand something.  Unfortunately, this option doesn't do a good job with Fortran code. Sometimes it helps, but there are often complaints that are unjustified.

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