Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 (compiler 14.0) available

Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 (compiler 14.0) available

Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1, with compiler version 14.0, is now available from the Intel Registration Center. New features of this release include:

  • Support for the User-Defined Derived Type I/O feature of Fortran 2003
  • Support for developing and debugging applications that use Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors on Windows
  • Support for coarray images that run on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors
  • A new option of an "online installer" that downloads only the components you select/need

Read the Release Notes for more details.

Some notes:

  • We have eliminated the separate IA-32 only and Intel 64-only installers, as they were a continual source of confusion for customers and had outlived their purpose.
  • If you are an IMSL user, just keep using the IMSL you already have, but if you use fixed-form source code with IMSL, please see
    Error 5163 Compiling Fixed-Form IMSL* Application Source in Fortran 14.0 (At the moment, the SP1 release isn't showing for customers of the product with IMSL - we'll find a solution to that shortly.)

If you have issues with the new release, please use a new forum thread to report it, or use Intel Premier Support. If you have questions about the content of the release, you can ask here.

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

A couple of other notes of interest:

  • By popular request, we added the ESTABLISHQQ library routine which lets you specify a procedure to be called just before the run-time library is about to report an error. Your routine can then choose additional actions to take before the RTL reports the error, or you can replace the RTL's default behavior. For more information, see the documentation. (Those of you who were VMS users will understand the name's origin.)
  • For all newly created console and "Windowing" applications in Visual Studio, the default is now to link against the DLL form of the run-time libraries. Existing projects don't change and you can select static libraries if you want. This was largely to reduce the number of complaints of Mixed C Library Syndrome with mixed-languge applications.
  • There's a new option /[no]wrap-margin to control where list-directed output wraps.
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I am wondering if the limit on the number of nested IF and DO loops has been raised (from 256 to 512) in the latest release.


Hi Steve,

the ESTABLISHQQ function sounds interesting, a feature that could convince my boss to buy a new license (I already checked for the update options).

Is this function something like exception handling? For example in one of my multi threaded programs I get the RTL contention when writing into a file or Access violations errors when I want to display soemthing in a dialog (these routines are already "protected" by !OMP CRITICAL but sometimes they appear).


I have just installed this. When I try to open a vfproj file using VS 2010 Shell I get the error message:

'C:\Users\chris\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Ridge regression\Ridge regression.vfproj' cannot be opened because is project type (.vfproj) is not supported by this version of the application.

It was working yesterday! I get the same message when opening any vfproj file.

Am I missing something here?

RE: Number of nested IF and DO loops

    Yes, that was raised from 128 -> 256 in this release.

                      -- Lorri

Lorri meant to say 256 -> 512.

Chris G, it sounds as if the integration did not properly install.  Please see I can't create Fortran projects or see any Fortran support in Visual Studio for tips

Markus, this is not really "exception handling", but it is a way to add a bit more user control over all Fortran run-time error processing. Previously with SIGNALQQ, you could get control of system-triggered exceptions only, such as floating overflow. Now you can customize the behavior of errors such as array bounds exceeded, read errors and more. Anything that would have triggered a Fortran run-time message and traceback will first call your routine, where you can log the message and offer some control over what happens next.

I am not really sure what happens if, say, the OpenMP library wants to report its own error.

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Why does the date show as 28 July?  And the Intel Software Manager doesn't list is as an available download (at least not yet).

That's the "build date". The release process takes 4-6 weeks after that. I generally find that the Software Manager doesn't notify everyone at the same time nor right away.

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Release posted date too?  Release posted date says Aug 7.  Very confusing to try to figure out if you have the latest or not before you download a gazillion bytes.

Yes, I can see that would be confusing. I'll ask if we can improve that process in the future.

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and what is the difference between "online" and no "online in the file name -- I see that the Parallel Studio also has a SP1 release. But the online is much smaller in size than the one with no online.  I have no idea which to download.

The "online" installer is a new option. It's a small download that asks you which components you want to install, and then downloads and installs only those components. It saves you from downloading possibly hundreds of megabytes you don't need. Lots of installers are moving to this concept - Visual Studio 2012 uses it, for example. It does require you to have Internet connectivity while you run it. If you're on a slow or unreliable connection, you might prefer the "old way" where you download the whole thing (possibly using a download manager) and then you can install separately.

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Okay, that makes some sense.  FYI, off topic for this forum but some of my cohorts are reporting ICE with using this compiler on our project on Linux.  I think he was compiling 32 bit at the time.

Well, you know where to send us a test case!

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well, to amplify -- on Windows I am also getting an ICE in the same module.  I suspect taking the O=2 off that module will remove the problem but not a elegant solution.

Please send us a test case. We try hard to avoid such problems....

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I'm also getting an unresolved external - _intel_new_feature_init referenced in function MAIN_.  is this because I'm using VS2008 or what?

You are not linking to the correct run-time libraries. Check the library paths you are using. I'd also ask that you start new threads on problems, or use Intel Premier Support.

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Any news on availabilty of the SP1 release for customers with IMSL?

Thank you

Sam K.

I thought this had already been taken care of, but it seems not. I have asked again.

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Ok, here's what we've done for now. If you go to the Intel Registration Center you will be able to get at the SP1 Composer XE download. You won't see IMSL listed as an available download there - if you need that, just select the "Update 5" entry from the menu. We know this is confusing and are working to straighten it out, but it will take some time. At least you can get at everything you need - we apologize for the inconvenience.

Don't forget to apply the update from Error 5163 Compiling Fixed-Form IMSL* Application Source in Fortran 14.0 - this will work with the older compiler too.

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Thank you

Now, I can download the SP1. I will the apply the update until everything is working correctly.

Hi Steve,

"I generally find that the Software Manager doesn't notify everyone at the same time nor right away."

Intel Software Manager is still not notifying me of the latest (Compiler 14) upgrade.  Should I be more patient, or could something be wrong with the Software Manager on my system?

Owing to the network license setup where I work, I don't have the details to set myself for download at the Intel Registration Center (it asks me to provide some license number information which only seems applicable for individual licenses). 


The network license is tied to a serial number, but you may not have it if the license administrator simply told you where to point the license file. If you don't have Registration Center access, it makes sense that the Software Manager wouldn't know what you are eligible for. Perhaps you should just disable its checking.

It's an interesting issue that I will raise to folks here. Maybe we can come up with a solution.

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Thanks, Steve.  It'll be wonderful if there is a download solution at the Registration Center for users with the network license setup.  You're right regarding my constraint - the only information I have is where to point to for the license file - the procurement person won't share the serial number with the users per company policy.  So I am unable to "register" my product.  I wish I could simply point to the network license file in the Registration Center and it could pick up whatever license information it needs and help me complete the setup.

Note, however, the Intel Software Manager has worked reliably for me in the past; it did notify me as recently as June 2013 for Update 5, Fortran compiler version 13.0.3636.11.  I was successfully able to download and install the version via Software Manager.

Ok, that's interesting. I'm not really sure about how the manager works internally. I'll discuss it with the developers to see if I can find out what is wrong for you.

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Has anyone been able to update to compiler 14 on Windows via Intel Software Manager on their PC?

Around me, it appears compiler 14 update is specifically excluded from Intel Software Manager.

I checked with several other users where I work who are running prior updates to Fortran XE 2013 - Intel Software Manager on their PCs allows all of them to download and install Update 5 dated June 24, 2013, but not the latest compiler 14 upgrade.

It is almost as if the Intel server that the Software Manager talks to has not been updated with compiler 14.


Please ask about this in the Downloads, Registration and Licensing forum.

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I was notified last night of a pending update to that Software Manager, but I don't know if it's for the reason you mentioned.

Hi, any news when SP1 will be pushed out to Intel Software manager?

Best regards


It was supposed to be already, but you're the third person in a week to tell me they hadn't seen it, so I have asked that it be looked into.

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