Using precompiled modules

Using precompiled modules


I'm trying to make my project USE some preccompiled modules. I can make it link against static libs but I can't make it find the .mod files. How can I make Visual Studio look for those files somewhere else, the equivalent of changing the [I]nclude dirs?

I also tried to make a Solution containing two projects, one of which is a library containing modules. But even if I set Project Dependencies on the main program making the lib a dependency, it will also fail compile due to unresolved dependencies (Error in opening the compiled module file).

Thanks for any assistance.

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If you're using a reasonably recent version of the product (Composer XE 2013), then making the library project a dependent project should automatically add the "output" folder of the library project to the include path for the parent. It is the include path that is used for locating modules.

Would you please attach a zip of the buildlog.htm for the build?

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Looks like I have a problem with the build order, even though I have set 'newt' to come first.


Downloadapplication/x-7z-compressed files.7z2.55 KB

Ok, I got it. The problem is that the dependent project was configured for win32 platform and is wasn't checked for build. Now it worked. About my other question: if I have the modules precompiled and stored somewhere else, how can I use them?

Thanks for your time.

Add the path to the .MOD files to your INCLUDE path (or copy the .MOD files to your project folder, or one of the include folders).

If the modules generated .o or .obj files then add those (or the path) to the linker inut (or linker paths), or incorporate those .o/.obj files into a library which is then added to your link command line.

Jim Dempsey

Thanks, Jim. That's what I'd usually do. Perhaps my question is off-topic because I'm using MS Visual Studio and that's my difficulty (I'm totally new to this). I'll play with it a bit until I figure how to set things correctl.

Thanks again.

You should be able to configure the INCLUDE path in your Visual Studio project.

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