License renewal

License renewal

My Intel Fortran Composer XE with IMSL license is up for renewal next month and I am looking at the options available.

Ideally I would like to upgrade to Fortran Studio (or even Parallel Studio) so I can take advantage of the static analysis and inspector capabilities and maybe parallel programming in the future but these options do not include IMSL. Even the "to of the range" Cluster version doesn't include IMSL.

Am I right in saying that the only way to get IMSL with packages other than Fortran Composer XE is to either get Fortran Composer with IMSL in addition to the Studio version or obtain the IMSL license from Rogue Wave?

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At the moment, yes, that's the only way to do it. I know that in the future, probably when we get IMSL 7 from RogueWave, we'll have a way to buy IMSL as an "add-on" to any product we sell that includes Fortran. I don't expect that until sometime next year.

My advice to you is to go ahead and upgrade to the Studio product and keep using the IMSL you have, since we would not be updating that for a while anyway. When we do have IMSL 7 available, you should then be able to add to it. The only thing you give up for now is access to tech support for IMSL once your support term expires. But please see Error 5163 Compiling Fixed-Form IMSL* Application Source in Fortran 14.0

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Thanks for the clarification. Although I am getting more confused after inquiring about renewing my licence which includes IMSl with a supplier "Grey Matter" here in the UK. They tell me that they no longer supply this version, I quote:

"We have removed the IMSL as when selling any Intel product with IMSL, the customer needs to be aware that there is runtime licensing for the IMSL library this should be quoted at the same time. IMSL is not a Intel product and is made by Rogue Wave who have made this change (Intel bundle it with their software), customers alternatives are to use different libraries such as Intel MKL (Included in all Composer products) or purchase runtime licensing.If they already have licences with IMSL they can purchase the standard renewal without IMSL and will in effect remove it from there support/maintenance. If you require the IMSL I can quote you from Rogue Wave, please advise?"

I notice that your post relating to "Relaxation of IMSL licencing restrictions" has disappeaered from the forum, does this indicate some change in your product structure?

Can you please confirm that if I upgrade to Fortan Studio that I will still be able to compile and link application that use IMSL libraries? I won't need to use any IMSL technical support.


My post on the IMSL licensing did not disappear, I simply "un-stuck" it. GreyMatter "hasn't gotten the memo" about the licensing change.

If you upgrade to Fortran Studio, technically, your license for IMSL is no longer in force. It will continue to work, though. I know this is a mess but it looks as if it won't get completely sorted out until we get IMSL 7 from Rogue Wave.

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