Help me - I´m at the very beginning

Help me - I´m at the very beginning

Mr. Steve

I´ve just purchased a new licence for IVFC. I begin with Fortran Powestation, migrated to CVF 6.6 and now starting with IVFC. As suggested, I´ve tried to extract CVF projects to IVFC. Unfortunately, it was not possible. The extraction procedure started with .dsw project file stops with the message '...corrupted .dsp file...". Maybe it is due to the fact the projects were copied from a company notebook to my notebook. These CVF projects were active till last month, when I became retired: now I have no acess to original projects and CVF licence. If you believe there is something can be done to solve the .dsp file problem, please instruct me how to do it.

I´ve created a new test project (C:\VS2010\Projects\WAVOGFS) and copied the WAVOGFS Fortran code to the project. In MVS I did not find icons to start the compilation and also the icon to buid .exe file. I read about the ifort command, but I dont know where it must be launched. If there is no chance to recover .dsw projects, I believe I must rebuild all projects in MVS (dozens of projects...)

* sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian.



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Sometimes that error appears, and I don't know why. Please pack the .dsp/.dsw files (that's all I need) into a ZIP and attach it to a reply here. I will do the convert for you.

If you have added the source files to the project so that they show under Solution Explorer, then you can use Build > Build Solution and it will build everything. You don't use the ifort command from within Visual Studio.

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I´ve sent dozens of dsw/dsp pairs to be converted. Did You received it?

About building in MVS2010, I´ve created a project, opened a Fortran source file but there is no option to build. Seems like the source file is not connected. Attached there is a figure of project and Solution opened





Downloadimage/jpeg solution-nobuildoption.jpg104.43 KB

No, I haven't received anything from you. Try using "Send Author a Message", send me a message and attach a ZIP of the projects you want converted.

Your screenshot shows a solution with zero projects, so there is nothing to build.

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