Fortran Module Analysis & Subprogram Dropdown in VS Ultimate 2012

Fortran Module Analysis & Subprogram Dropdown in VS Ultimate 2012

Has anyone else noticed and got a fix for:

1) A main subprogram with contained subprograms does not ever get analysed into the top right dropdown so that it is not possible to click on  subprogram and go straight to the definition

2) Some module subprograms (possibly most, but not all) do get analysed and the dropdown works fine

Is there a setting somewhere in VS which can force a reanalysis? (Or has the module accidentally been set to "do not analyse this module" & where is this switch?)

I have tried removing the module from the solution and readding it. No change.

I have encountered an example where a module was analysed, but then stopped being analysed for no reason that I could detect.

These are all modules that are included in the compile and build and they compile and work flawlessly.

Thoughts, comments and solutions would be most welcome


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We have had issues with some valid syntax that prevents the dropdown from finding all routines. I think all known issues like that are fixed in the current release. First, please make sure you have the latest version, Composer XE SP1, compiler version 14. If you do and the problem persists, please attach a zip of a source file that shows the problem.

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Dear Steve

Thanks: Intel Software Manager reports that I am up to date, but that might just mean that our admin have not renewed the licence, and I have simple got all we have paid for! Can only check this tomorrow. Meanwhile I have sorted out some exmaples and counter examples which I will not send until I am certain I am up to date.


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