unresolved external symbol

unresolved external symbol

Source module been migrated from CVF points "unresolved external symbol" for usual CVF commands. Same command not accepted at a specific routine is accepted in other routine.

For example, in source module coded bellow the setvideomode is not accepted

SUBROUTINE closevideo ()


INTEGER*2 status2




attached the htm buildlog file    regards

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Please do a full rebuild of the project. If that still gets errors, please attach a zip of the buildlog.htm from the Debug or Release folder.

Did you create your project as a QuickWin project?

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Hi, Steve


attached a zip file with buildlog  regards


Downloadapplication/zip buildlog.zip1.34 KB

The project was created as Windowing Application / Empty Project       regards

You need to create it as a QuickWin application. SETVIDEOMODE is a QuickWin routine.

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Recreated as QuickWin

Programm started in text window and stopped

I've made one line insertion and the build came out with error message "error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code"

There was no sense, the unique change done was a line insertion. I restarted the MVS and the program advanced. Now after another line insertion, the same error occured and after restating MVS the same error continue..


Downloadapplication/zip buildlog.zip1.12 KB

Can you try it in a folder path that doesn't include a !  I'm just guessing as far as that goes.

The error is from the Microsoft Manifest Tool. This is a frequent source of trouble, but usually it works. Unfortunately it is generally unhelpful when it does have a problem.

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I've removed the ! in directory name and the problem is persistent. The same error occurs at a second project I've created. I found even with PRJ0019 error the .exe is created after changes in source code and the execution is OK.

One question: .exe is created at debug subdirectory. I don't know how to launch the execution in MVS window. I'm running the programm by double clicking in .exe file  

To readapt the CVF projects I have to do some arrangements. Minimum task is to create the project, so to me it is not necessary You convert the dsw/dsp files I've sent. So, You can stop the convertion   regards   Adauto

Running the program in VS is exactly the same as it was in CVF. Debug > Start Without Debugging or > Start Debugging. These are also available by CTRL+F5 and F5, respectively./ One difference is that the newer VS doesn't give you a "start without debugging" button by default.

You may find a webinar I did helpful - http://software.intel.com/en-us/learn-to-be-fortran-power-user - it includes instructions on adding the button.

The manifest tool not running is a problem only if you link to the DLL libraries. Sometimes antivirus tools can block this because the tool rewrites an executable.

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