Where did my Black Belt points go?

Where did my Black Belt points go?

I see a mysterious loss of Black Belt points in my dashboard information. Why did the points disappear?

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Funny, the points in the Forum posts and the Dashboard differ considerably. By the way, the just uploaded new picture has not replaced the old one in the Forum posts, a problem reported some time ago.

I reported the discrepancy between the dashboard and elsewhere a while ago - it's on their list to be fixed when they make some other changes related to tracking Black Belt points.

Try clearing your browser cache as far as the photo goes, though the photo that's showing for me now is very fuzzy.

Retired 12/31/2016

Hi Steve, the photo was made fuzzy on purpose to hide a bit of my privacy. But I came to the conclusion that the forum community deserves a better picture, so I replaced it recently. Both issues are not serious problems.

Wow, I see that I now have negative 11380 points on my dashboord.  This recalls Churchill's remark about a colleague whose public statements "subtract from the sum of human knowledge".  Maybe if I stop posting we'll all get smarter.

You think that's bad - at one point a few weeks ago, this forum was showing me as having -340,000 points! I hadn't even checked the dashboad.

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My points for a discussion did not add up in black belt point category.Can anybody help me out with it?

Harsh, your points look ok to me. How many do you think you should have?

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They take quite a long time to update.They showed up after a long time.Is it OK or is it a problem with my browser or net connection?

Neither, I would say. I think the points update happens in the background on the server.

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Thank you sir for clarifying my doubts.

I don't know whether this is a appropriate place but - what is the procedure to publish an article or page in IDZ ?

Why don't you use "Send Author a Message" to tell me about the article you wish to submit, and I can work with you on that.

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