Detecting installed redistributables

Detecting installed redistributables

Is there a registry key that can be checked to see which versions (if any) of the redistributable are installed on a customer machine ?



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I think what I'd do instead is use GetFileVersionInfo on libifcoremd.dll, letting it use the default search paths to find it. I don't see a registry entry that would tell you this, and GetFileVersionInfo would be more reliable.

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I would have related question regarding the redistributables MSI as I am not familiar with tis technology.

Where does it extract the dll: where the application is installed or in some specific path?

Does it append the path in any way?

How can I make sure I do not damage impact other application that also use the FOTRAN dll.



The compiler redistributables get put in Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Shared Libraries, and folders under here are added to PATH. As long as you use our redistributable installer, which we also provide as a Windows Installer Merge Module, you won't hurt anything.

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