Creating an executable suitable for Windows XP using Intel Fortran 13

Creating an executable suitable for Windows XP using Intel Fortran 13


I am trying to build executables on Windows 7 (64 bits) that are suitable for Windows XP (32 bits). To this end I use the 32-bits version of the Intel Fortran compiler and as far as I know this worked fine up to last week, but now, for reasons I do not understand, the executables I have been building of late, do not run on Windows XP. The error message is that the executable is not a valid Win32 application.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? Or better still, how I can solve this?




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Well, actually I often use the command-line option, as some of these programs consist of a single source file only. Using the command-line instead of VS2012 is much easier in that case.

I am currently updating VS2012 to see if that makes a dfiference.

Well, the update I downloaded was no. 3. And that did not work. Trying to set the properties as specfied in the article you cited, does not work, as there is no "Platform Toolset" in the Properties dialogue that I can find.

Trying to download update 1 explicitly failed as well, as I can only get to no. 3.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Ah, this worked - thanks,


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