Migration Compaq to Intel Fortran (2x)

Migration Compaq to Intel Fortran (2x)


I have sucessfully migrated a project from Compaq Compiler to Intel using the tutorial provided by Intel.

The program results were nearly identical to the original one.

When a presented the results to my client, they asked if there is any difference between

1) Migrating the whole compaq project using thw "wizard" 

2) Creating a empty fortran project in Visual Studio adding the sources codes to the solution.

I tried to perform the number 2), but I couldn´t do it. The code is not compiling anymore (several errors).

Also, the building process crashes : After several minutes, the icon on the lower right is always moving, indicating that the building is still in progress.

I´m missing something?

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The conversion adds some CVF-compatible options, including /iface:cvf and /Qsave. Creating a new project and adding sources will use Intel defaults, but unless you have code that has explicit ALIAS or STDCALL directives to change routine names, this shouldn't cause errors. It certainly shouldn't cause a build to stall.

Are you willing to attach a ZIP of the project that fails to build? Or at least a ZIP of the buildlog.htm from the Debug or Release folder...

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I have managed to sucessfully compile the project when I changed all project options to use "Compaq" values.

That means that these options are necessary for my source code.

(obs: I sent the buildlog to Steve)

Thanks for sending the log. The errors are because a new project enables the "Check routine interfaces" diagnostic option, whereas a project converted from CVF doesn't. You have errors in your code that CVF could not detect regarding passing INTENT(IN) arguments to a routine that declares that argument as INTENT(OUT) - at least this is what I conclude from seeing the log.

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Thanks again.

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