F03/8 features

F03/8 features


I'm just woundering what the status on implementation of the following (not so) new features is:

 - Parameterized derived types

 - Submodules

 - Impure elemental procedures

I'm really looking forward to using them...

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Our goal for the next year is to finish F2003, which includes parameterized derived types. Submodules are further away. Impure elementals are on our list, but I can't predict when they'll show up,

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   Is there any article on the intel website that tracks F03/F08 feature implementation of the fortran compiler in the same way the c++11 features of the c++ compiler are tracked at http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/c0x-features-supported-by-intel-c-compiler ?

The Fortran wiki has a page that lets you compare across compilers (but only one (typically the latest) version from each vendor): http://fortranwiki.org/fortran/show/Fortran+2003+status and http://fortranwiki.org/fortran/show/Fortran+2008+status

Yes, I agree with Casey.  It will be most useful to have similar tracking for Fortran implementations.

Steve, I do keep an eye on your article at http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-fortran-compiler-support-for-fortran-language-standards/ to look over what has been implemented.  Is it possible to extend that to a format similar to the C++ site.

Another useful link is the one maintained by Chivers and Sleightholme - http://www.fortranplus.co.uk/resources/fortran_2003_2008_compiler_support.pdf



Thanks for the links Ian and FortranFan.  I particularly like the fortranwiki comparisons across vendor, as the gfortran vs intel vs pgi differences are more important to me than between ifort versions.

It's interesting, and a bit sad, to see on the page that Casey linked to that that the version 14.0 has near complete support for C++11, a two year old standard, while we're still waiting for F2003 (and submodules which were standardized in TR-19767 one year later) to be completed by most (i.e. not only Intel) Fortran compiler vendors...

While progress has been frustratingly slow, there's a bit of a difference in the scope of changes introduced to the base language C++03 to C++11 and F95 to F2003.  In some respects, F95 to F2003 is of the order of the base language changes from C to C++.

If you look at the article on Fortran standards support in Intel Fortran, you'd see that it's a VERY long list of F2003 features, making a version chart hideously long. The ACM publication Fortran Forum publishes a quarterly chart comparing many different compilers - this is the one by Chivers and Sleightholme that is linked above.

That in 2013 there is still not a single full F2003 implementation on the IA platforms gives you a hint as to how big a task this was. That said, we do very well in this regard compared to other compilers on our platforms and we hope to have F2003 wrapped up by the end of next year.

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