Is it possible to view together Fortran forums for Windows and Linux (and Mac OS X)?

Is it possible to view together Fortran forums for Windows and Linux (and Mac OS X)?

Is it possible to view the posts in the separate Fortran forums for Windows and Linux (and Mac OS X) together in a single browser window?  Since many of the topics are relevant to Fortran itself and in particular, modern Fortran developments and IFORT implementations of them, the viewers can miss out on pertinent discussions in one of the forums unless they make a regular habit of visiting both of them.  In all our busy lives, keeping an eye on one forum is difficult as it is.  Instead, if it were possible to setup a merged view, it will be awesome!

Or perhaps Intel can considering merging the two Forums together and have a required field for posters to quality a new topic, say General, Windows, Linux (and Mac OS X).  All Fortran discussions related to Fortran 2003/2008 standards, IFORT status, etc. will hopefully fall in the General category of course.  Then a filter can be made for readers to view General, or General+Windows, or General+Linux, or All topics.  Just a thought - would appreciate reader comments.


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No, and we separate them deliberately because Windows users ask an awful lot of questions that aren't specifically Fortran related. The volume of the Windows forum is already double that of the second most popular forum here - and that's the Linux Fortran forum. I find that users ask very different kinds of questions and it would be overwhelming to merge them. Yes, there are some pure Fortran issues in both, biut it doesn't take too long to skim the Linux/OS X forum to see what's new/

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Ok, Steve, thanks.

The response to this query is most likely no as well, but how about the option of adding a topic to both the forums simulaneously with a single entry?  That will be a great help for general Fortran discussions if your forum designers can consider including such a feature!

Generally, double-posting is discouraged as it leads to duplicate effort and missed engagement. What we can do now is "move" a thread from one forum to another, leaving a link behind. People browsing either forum will see the title and an indication of new replies, but if they click on the "shadow link", it will take them to the other forum. If you want to start such a thread, just say so in the text and I'll do that.

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Why not open two browser windows/sessions?

A relatively easy thing to do (unless you are on that !%$& Metro front-end).

Jim Dempsey

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