OT: how do I report problems with the business portal / Premier Support?

OT: how do I report problems with the business portal / Premier Support?

I received an email telling me that a problem I reported about the compiler had received a response. I followed the link which is now to Premier Support through the business portal but I just can't understand what it's telling me or find the response to which the email referred. More to the point I can't find how to request support for Premier Support since it it doesn't list itself in the products. Does anyone know?


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I've asked our Premier Support experts to help you on this.

Retired 12/31/2016

I too am puzzled as to how to lodge an issue with Premium Support about Intel Visual Fortran.  In this case it is a licensing issue.  It was explained athttp://software.intel.com/en-us/comment/1758328#comment-1758328on 1st October - to no avail.  I therefore need to contact Premier Support somehow!  I've tried under 'Software Products'.  Athttps://businessportal.intel.com/irj/portal/IntelPremierSupportUserI did searches for 'visual fortran' and just 'Fortran' but it didn't find anything.

@warwickb - Your IPS account currently does not have any product access enabled so when using SUBMIT ISSUE your product list would render empty. I escalated that to others who can enable the appropriate product access (per your product subscription) for you. I also posted a reply to your other thread to try to help resolve the license matter.

To submit issues against Intel Premier Support itself, click help first (the ? shown in top image), then click Experiencing a Problem with the Tool (shown in lower image) to send an email (to: IPS@intel.com   Subject: Question/Feedback: Intel Premier Support)


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warwickb, I believe I fixed the problem for you - you should now see the products when you log in to IPS.

Retired 12/31/2016

Thanks, Steve.  Now I see how it is supposed to work.  Hopefully I will remember if there is a 'next time'.  I will certainly remember who will help me get it fixed.


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James, I created a new thread for your comment under our Intel Download, Registration, and Licensing forum to enable our experts to assist with your issue. See your previous post for a link to the new thread.

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