Fortran DAE solvers

Fortran DAE solvers


 I am starting my phD concenrning the difficult task of building code about some types of chemical reactors (fixed bed, trickle bed and fluidized bed) to deal with a pollution system. I must build the scientific code and a nice windows GUI. My question is this:

Does anyone knows where can I find the best new F90 code to deal with Differential Algebraic Equations and root finding of Nonlinear Equations?

thanks in advance

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P. R.,

Have you first checked all the resources available at your university including your department?  It is possible your institution has licenses for a variety of commericial math packages such as NAg, IMSL, etc. that you can use for your work.  In addition, you may also have access to simulation environments such as Aspen Custom Modeler ( or gPROMS ( that can provide a firm foundation for chemical reactor modeling.

On your specific question on DAE solvers, have you looked at DASSL (DDASKR) solver, the work by Petzold et al. at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (look up Linda Petzold on Amazon)?

Also, on general math solvers, have you looked at Netlib repository ( which includes a vast collection of freely available code for numerical and scientific computing?   You will find DASSL/DDASKR are available as part of Netlib.

Good luck with your PhD,

 Thank you for your answer. At my department they already switched to matlab, so, they will not spend any more money in fortran since it is much more hard to code than matlab. I downloaded DDASKR ant it seems a good code, but it is not in f90.

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