Lacking debugging info for threadprivate module variables?

Lacking debugging info for threadprivate module variables?


I'm using Intel(R) Visual Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE on Intel(R) 64, version 13.1.3 Package ID: w_fcompxe_2013.5.198 and I've just changed to VS2010. One of my modules MESH_mfMesh has private pointers tThis (threadprivate) and tCurrent( not threadprivate). When I try to access these variables in the debugger I use the syntax MESH_mfMesh::tCurrent. Using this syntax I can access tCurrent as I was used to with VS2008, but when I try to inspect MESH_mfMesh::tThis in the watch window I get the #00000001431D3BD8 in the value field. With MESH_mfMesh::tCurrent I get the value {...} as usual. I only use one thread in the case I'm currently debugging. Has multithreaded debugging been changed/improved in VS2010? Is there some new syntax introduced in VS2010 to access tThis from the correct thread? Do I need to update my VS2010 installation? Can anyone please help me?

Magne Rudshaug


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Barring fix for debugger, what I usually end up doing is adding conditional compile section that compiles in debug mode and which constructs a pointer to the object/array of interest (pointer in local scope of subroutine/function). An alternative is, if the hex address is the TLS pointer, I examine the struct in memory window (though this is harder to interpret).

Jim Dempsey

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