Intel Fortran 2013 compiler options /fast

Intel Fortran 2013 compiler options /fast

Hi, Dear Sir or Madam,

 I am testing /fast option of Fortran 2013 compiler under Windows OS and the Intel Fortran compiler is stuck here into performing multi-file optimizations. it seems not to be finished. Why? could you tell me reasons. Thanks.



         dir imex.exe > imex.exe &&  del /f imex.exe &&  ifort.exe /Qauto /cm /nologo /w /MT /fast /arch:AVX /QxAVX /Qsimd /align:array64byte /Qprec-div-  /Qopt-matmul /O3  /Qopenmp  /4Yportlib *.obj kl_intel_lp64.lib mkl_intel_thread.lib mkl_core.lib Wsock32.lib User32.lib shell32.lib Advapi32.lib Gdi32.lib    libsecure.lib  binarrayfile.lib  /link /LARGEADDRESSAWARE /incremental:no /STACK:40000 0 /out:imex.exe &&  mt.exe -manifest ReqExecLevelInvoker.manifest -outputresource:imex.exe;1 &&  echo 'Done.' ipo: warning #11003: no IR in object file xdrint.obj; was the source file compiled with -Qipo ipo: remark #11000: performing multi-file optimizations

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

/fast implies /Qipo. This can be a very time-consuming step for large applications. But it's also possible there's a compiler bug - if you can provide a ZIP of all the files used to do this compile, we'd be glad to take a look, I will comment that some of the other options you have override what /fast does - you may just want to take that off. Given that a lot of your application seems to be with separate libraries, IPO isn't going to buy you as much.

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