SLN files not updated

SLN files not updated

I'm migrating some Fortran projects from VS2010 with Composer XE 2011 Update 9 to VS2012 with Composer XE 2013 SP1, Update 1.

Everything has gone well, except that the SLN files are not all being updated to be associated with VS2012. One of the SLN files was updated (enabling the ability to double-click on the SLN file and open VS2012). None of the other SLN files have been updated. I opened the SLN files in VS2012, and rebuilt the executables with XE 2013. I tried "Save All" and just closing the project, but nothing seems to update the SLN files.

Is there any way to manually force the SLN files to update to the new version?

The one SLN file that was updated was built with XE 2013 SP1 before update 1. Did something change in the VS integrations that may have influenced this?


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I have noticed this - VS2012 is in some ways up and down compatible with VS2010. I don't see any obvious way to control this from VS, but if you open the .sln file in Notepad and change the lines:

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 11.00
# Visual Studio 2010

to be:

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00
# Visual Studio 2012

Then it will open in VS2012. Curiously, it is the second line, with the comment, that is important here!

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