Reinstallation of Fortran with MSVS 2008

Reinstallation of Fortran with MSVS 2008

Based on the comments in the FAQ - Troubleshooting Fortran Integration Issues with Visual Studio, I am posting my problem here.

I have recenctly tried to upgrade to MSVS 2010 and  ComposerXE 2011, professional editions. However the Fortran did not provide options to install a 32 bit compiler.  My first question is, should  ComposerXE 2011 Fortran have come with the 32 bit compiler?

The second problem I now have is that I can not get MSVS 2008 to recognize the fortran projects. Regretfully it was uninstalled during the update and not been able to get it to work again.We have tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling, as well as running the process described in the aforementioned FAQ. Ideally I would like to have MSVS 2008 working with Fortran 11.1 and MSVS 2010 working with Composer XE 2011. What do you recommend?

Thank you in advance!

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Composer XE 2011 provided four variant installers:

  • Full installer including 32 and 64-bit compilers and VS Shell
  • Installer with 32 and 64-bit compilers but without VS Shell
  • 32-bit compiler only, no VS Shell
  • 64-bit compiler only, no VS Shell

What I often saw was customers thinking that because they were on a 64-bit system they should select the last (64-bit compiler only) installer. For Composer XE 2013 SP1 we did away with these single-architecture installers - by default you get both compilers (but can customize the install to select only one if that's really what you want.)

What is the filename of the executable you used to install Composer XE 2011?

For the separate versions question, see How can I use older versions of the compiler with different versions of Microsoft Visual Studio*?

I'll add that VS2008 needs a custom configuration to do 64-bit builds, as described in the Fortran release notes.

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Thank You. I will pass this information on to my computer support group.

Congratulations on the 35 years! Your post are always helpful and greatly appreciated.


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