Cannot view variables when debugging

Cannot view variables when debugging


I'm using Parallel Studio XE 2013 with VS2012. When I try to debug my programs I can't view any variables. The "locals" list is empty and quickwatch displays "unable to evaluate the expression". This happens even for the smallest projects, e.g. with only one variable. I don't see any meaningful error messages during build and in the debug window it's stated that the symbols are correctly loaded.

I'm not sure if it's relevant but my university uses a license server with floating licenses, and I'm off-campus, connecting over VPN.

Any thoughts?



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Which specific update of the compiler are you using? VS2012 support had some issues in the initial release and Update 1. Update 2 was better. In VS, do Help > About and find the entry for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE integration - what does it display for "package ID" or "build ID"?

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Hi Steve,

thanks for your reply. Package ID: w_fcompxe_2013.0.089.



Thanks - that version is known not to work well with VS2012 debugging. Please install a more recent update.

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Thanks. I've tried to install an update using Intel Software Manager, but it asks for license information which I do not have. As said, my university uses a license server, so I'm not sure how to proceed.

Does the license for Intel Parallel Studio include this update as well? Or does this depend what "package" was bought?

Parallel Studio XE includes this product, but whether you're eligible for the update depends on when the license support term expires. I suggest asking your university software administrator for help in getting the latest update.

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Good day,

I'm running Package ID: w_fcompxe_2011.4.196 with Visual Studio 2010 ENU Service Pack 1 (KB983509) .  Is that combination known to have any problems?


That combination was supported. The compiler version is rather old and is no longer a supported version.

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Thanks Steve.  I'll see if I can get my company to update.

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